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Kayaking at Lena Cove, Alaska 1987



Kayaking at Lena Cove, Alaska 1987

Kayaking at Lena Cove near Juneau, Alaska during Alaskan Brewing crew party in 1989. 

Click on the image to visit the brewery.

Frozen Yukon River 1975 lr.png

Frozen Yukon River, winter of 1975. I worked for the Tanana Chiefs Conference and we were en route to Ft. Yukon. 
Click on the image to visit TCC!

Twilight of Empite fnt cvr.png
Iditarod Musher 1996 lr.png

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Iditarod Musher 1996 lr.png

A contestant in the 1995 Iditarod Race mushing out of Anchorage, Alaska with his team of huskies.

This was the ceremonial start. After a couple more miles the team, sled, and musher were all trucked to Willow for the actual start of the race. 

I lived about three blocks from the trail in Anchorage at the time. 

Click on the image above for my reviews on the books depicted. Ben Fox also included my synopsis of Treadwell, and an interview  with  John Goodwin, spokesman for the Writers of the Future Contest. (I'm in Writers of the Future, Volume IX!)

Alaska Marine Highway 1978 lr.png

One of the wonderful ferries on the Alaska Marine Highway System. The ferries are the only way to see Southeast Alaska. You meet the real Alaska as well as having the opportunity to get off and stay awhile if a town calls to you.


This portion will grow as I come across more photos to share.
Rudy Otteson - Fairbanks 1968 lr.png
Ruby, Alaska 1975 lr.png

Rudy Otteson (1941-2015) was my first real roommate in Fairbanks, Alaska. We had many adventures together including participating in the first Tanana River Raft Classic. 
He was KTVFs chief engineer (I was the cameraman and film editor) and my best man in my first marriage. I don't know of a single person who didn't like him. I miss him keenly.

Ruby, Alaska on the Yukon River, 1976. 

Fishwheel on Yukon River 1975 lr.png
Houses in Ruby, Alaska 1975 lr.png

Old buildings in Ruby, Alaska. Wood is the only building material most can afford. The incredible temperature fluctuations (-65°F to 80°F over one year) dries out the wood and basically turns it into tinder. Fire is Interior Alaska's greatest fear.

Fishwheel on the Yukon River. Only the local Athabascan Indians can use these as a means of self-subsistence. "Fish Camp" is an annual event where entire families move to the river to catch the winter's supply of salmon. It is a tradition.

Sarah Maisie 1976 lr.png
Sarah Maisie, my then 3-year-old daughter at Tanana Chiefs Survival School, Ruby, Alaska in 1975. She had a great time.
Me painting the "Christmas COD" at VR-24 Detachment at Naval Air Facility, Naples, Italy in 1965. COD stands for Cargo On Deck and we had 7 Grumman C-1As used to replenish the fleet at sea.
We hauled mail, cargo and passengers, out to the carriers in the Med.
I worked in Operations as a communications & air intelligence yeoman. I could also draw. This is my first paying gig as a graphics artist. I worked in that field for over 40 years. 

Painting the Christmas COD-1965 lr.png
Lady Liberty & Twin Towers 1996.png
In 1996 my son, Danford, and I went on a 16 state road trip. We visited New York City and went out to Liberty Island. I snapped this photo as a memento.
I had no idea I would never be able to do this again. The world can change so quickly. 
Crow under snow lr.png
Crow under snow lr.png

Crow, my 1954 Chevy panel in Anchorage, Alaska. I later drove it to the "lower '48". It awaits restoration in my yard. I love that truck. 

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