Kayaking at Lena Cove, Alaska 1987 lr.pn





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Kayaking at Lena Cove, Alaska 1987 lr.pn

Kayaking at Lena Cove near Juneau, Alaska during Alaskan Brewing crew party in 1989. 

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Frozen Yukon River 1975 lr.png

Frozen Yukon River, winter of 1975. I worked for the Tanana Chiefs Conference and we were en route to Ft. Yukon. 
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Novels by Stoney Compton

Incident In AK Pref front cover lr.png
Twilight of Empire fnt cvr.jpg
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Return to Kiana front cover eb.png
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Iditarod Musher 1996 lr.png

News & upcoming events

A contestant in the 1995 Iditarod Race mushing out of Anchorage, Alaska with his team of huskies.

This was the ceremonial start. After a couple more miles the team, sled, and musher were all trucked to Willow for the actual start of the race. 

I lived about three blocks from the trail in Anchorage at the time. 

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From 2011 until a couple of months ago, I published most of my work under my own Pullo Pup Publishing imprint. My first novel, Russian Amerika was published by Baen Books, as was my second novel, Alaska Republik. I am forever indebted to Eric Flint for getting me through the door with Jim Baen.

Imagine my consternation when shortly after getting the nod, Jim Baen passed away. Thankfully, Toni Weisskopf, who took over the reins quite nicely, went ahead and published both novels. This was in 2009 when the recession slammed the hell out of all of us. 

After receiving a minimum of 125 rejections for my ms Treadwell, A Novel of Alaska Territory, I got pissed off and self-published it. That's when I discovered the awful truth about self-published works; you have to market them. 

I knew very little about effective marketing and have learned (the hard way) about what not to do. But still, I persisted. Six self-published novels later a wondrous thing happened.

Eric Flint created Ring of Fire Press and Walt Boyes, one of my beta readers and now Eric's editor for the new imprint, agreed to publish Incident In Alaska Prefecture as well as the sequel, Twilight of Empire. Both fit well as they are alternate history novels.

Then, quite recently, Walt Boyes acquired the latest novel ms by Cecilia Holland as well as some of her earlier works. Cecilia is (in the opinion of many) the doyen of Historical Fiction. She doesn't write bodice-rippers, but in-depth, well-researched novels of people you skipped over in your history class because the teacher didn't know jack about them. 

Eric and Walt conferred and decided since they were going to publish historical fiction, they may as well re-publish mine. And my science fiction, too! The first novel to be re-published under Eric Flint's Ring of Fire Press is Treadwell, A Novel of Alaska Territory.

They also wanted to give it a new cover, (my cover is aimed at the history freak out there, they wanted to redirect attention), and so they have. On December 10th, 2020, the rebranded Treadwell, A Novel of Alaska Territory will be available in eBook and Print On Demand. Here is the new cover by the incredibly talented Laura Givens, illustrating an early scene.

Do let me know what you think, please. The Second Book in the Gastineau Channel Quartet, Thane, The Assassination of Warren G. Harding will follow shortly. Stay tuned!

Treadwell ROF cover.jpg

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Iditarod Musher 1996 lr.png
Alaska Marine Highway 1978 lr.png

One of the wonderful ferries on the Alaska Marine Highway System. The ferries are the only way to see Southeast Alaska. You meet the real Alaska as well as having the opportunity to get off and stay awhile if a town calls to you.


This portion will grow as I come across more photos to share.
Rudy Otteson - Fairbanks 1968 lr.png
Ruby, Alaska 1975 lr.png

Rudy Otteson (1941-2015) was my first real roommate in Fairbanks, Alaska. We had many adventures together including participating in the first Tanana River Raft Classic. 
He was KTVFs chief engineer (I was the cameraman and film editor) and my best man in my first marriage. I don't know of a single person who didn't like him. I miss him keenly.

Click on the image to visit the Tanana Raft Classic.

Ruby, Alaska on the Yukon River, 1976. 

Fishwheel on Yukon River 1975 lr.png
Houses in Ruby, Alaska 1975 lr.png

Old buildings in Ruby, Alaska. Wood is the only building material most can afford. The incredible temperature fluctuations (-65°F to 80°F over one year) dries out the wood and basically turns it into tinder. Fire is Interior Alaska's greatest fear.

Fishwheel on the Yukon River. Only the local Athabascan Indians can use these as a means of self-subsistence. "Fish Camp" is an annual event where entire families move to the river to catch the winter's supply of salmon. It is a tradition.

Sarah Maisie 1976 lr.png

Sarah Maisie, my then 3-year-old daughter at Tanana Chiefs Survival School, Ruby, Alaska in 1975. She had a great time.

Painting the Christmas COD-1965 lr.png

Me painting the "Christmas COD" at VR-24 Detachment at Naval Air Facility, Naples, Italy in 1965. COD stands for Cargo On Deck and we had 7 Grumman C-1As used to replenish the fleet at sea.


We hauled mail, passengers, and all manner of parts out to the carriers in the Med.
I worked in Operations as a communications & air intelligence yeoman. I could also draw. This is my first paying gig as a graphics artist. I worked in that field for over 40 years. 

More to come!

Crow under snow lr.png
Crow under snow lr.png

My 1954 Chevy panel in Anchorage, Alaska. I later drove it to the "lower '48". It awaits restoration in Colorado. I love that truck. 


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