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Stoker Payne loved exoarchaeology; everything old was always new. Dig N-19 on Kiana was just another elaborate alien puzzle - until they got down to LEVEL SIX.

Melanie Frasier resented her exile from the Astrocartograpy Department on Coalition Survey Ship Magellan. Operating a planetary observatory boded ill for what remained of her career. Then she made the discovery that could kill more than just her career.

Danford Gordon knew he had found the woman of his dreams, despite the fact she was an alien. If he had been told their relationship might save his life, he would have laughed.

Commander Geoff Peacock wanted command - forgetting that one should be careful what one wishes for.

Theirs are some of the interwoven lives in a memorable and satisfying adventure that all begins on LEVEL SIX.



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