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In the years after the stars fell young Noah Manaluk, an Inupiat Eskimo living at Point Hope, Alaska, eats a piece of possessed raw seal liver that changes his life. By the time he is seventeen he is a shaman who can call animals to the hunter’s spears and fish into nets cast by the People.

Thinker, a Humpback whale, is the only one of his pod who perceives anything beyond his immediate surroundings. He is aware of the longteeth waiting at the top of the world and cautiously moves to the middle of the pod.
He hears the summons and realizes another exists who can completely communicate with him – something that has never before happened in his life – and it wants to kill him.

Whalesong is the story of two disparate beings, enemies by the nature of their world yet closer in understanding than with any member of their own species. Two creatures that have as much to learn about themselves as they do about the other, and come to rely on one another as they begin a journey which will not only change the world, but save it.


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